Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown Height: 5’5’’  Weight: 112 lb


Othello Desdemona Schaeberle Theatre

La Traviata                          Germont’s Daughter   The Metropolitan Opera,

                                                                                                                       Dir. Michael Mayer

The Waiting Room                  Supporting                     Sheen Center/ Playhouse Creatures

                                                                                                                        Theatre Company, Dir. Scott F. Davis

Mercy                                         Lead                                    Torn Page


The Metropolitan Opera HD Live     Germont’s Daughter         The Metropolitan Opera

Verdi:La Traviata


Cruelty Free                                                Lead                                    Reel Works Film, Dir. Daphne Parkhill

Kill                                                      Supporting                       Kill Film Productions,

                                                                                                          Dir. Quentin Guobadia

The Kindness of Strangers               Supporting                          CCNY/ Dir. Cristina Rodriguez

Comfort Zone                                            Lead                                    CCNY/ Dir. Paulette Sade

From The Inside                                      Lead                                    CCNY Dir. Paulette Sade


BFA in Acting, Pace School of Performing Arts (Pace University)- expected graduation 2020

Acting (Contemporary, Modern)   Grant Kretchick

Acting (Heightened Language)       Julie Fain Lawrence- Edsell

Acting (Commercial)                        David Bellantoni

Speech and Dialect                           Lester Shane

Vocal Production                              Gregory Frens

Movement                                         Yuval Boim, Richard Crawford

Improv                                               Rebecca Stuard

Aerial Arts                                         Madeline Hoak 


Films Without Scripts                      City College of New York/ CCNY

Pyhsical Lab Workshop                   Yorgos Karamalegos        


Student Advisory Counsil Member               Lincoln Center                 


Native Turkish, Accents: General American (GenAm), RP British, Irish (Dublin), Turkish (Istanbul), Basic Pass in Unarmed Stage Combat by the SAFD 2018, Belly dancing, Swimming, Volleyball, Cycling, Yoga, Beginner Violin, Vocal Range: Mezzo- Soprano, Passport